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Aspects Of Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Holistic medicine can be best described as the type of medicine that utilizes both alternative therapies and conventional medicine. Treating animals and pets by use of this technique which has a humane nature to it is a very good approach.

It is characterized by as being minimally invasive, has components of stress reduction, gentleness and focuses on the patient’s well being. It is basically the use of alternative medicine in animals.

A holistic approach looks into the environment, nutrition, relationships with the family, genetics, stress levels among others.

There are several types of holistic treatment options that include homeopathy, ethnomedicine, chiropractic, herbal medicine, and acupuncture.

The key benefits of using this approach are; it has fewer side effects, it is safe to use, can be tailored to your pets needs, stimulates self healing, one becomes less reliant on suppressive conventional treatments, it uses a natural approach, there are many treatment options, it focuses on the whole health, bedside manner, and preventative care.

This method guarantees of less side effects involved with the treatment options. The methods used in the holistic medicine are very safe as they are natural methods. One can tailor the treatment to fit the needs of the animal. Flexibility and convenience is seen with this method as a result of the ability to customize.

When the natural components are employed as part of the treatment, they help to promote self healing. The use of natural methods makes it a natural way of treatment.
The dependence that is associated by the conventional medicine which are normally suppressive in nature is lessened. It has a preventative aspect to it through the constant reminder from the veterinary officer to practice good health practices for the animal.

The bedside manner involves handling the animal in a way that does not cause them stress and showing them empathy.
The various treatment options that are available makes the holistic approach a good treatment option.

Holistic approach focuses on the whole health and well being of the animal, that is, the mind, body and soul. One has to select wisely the practitioner who will give the holistic care to your animal. Pointers to guide you in finding the best practitioner for the holistic approach are; the reputation of the company they belong to, and the care and way the veterinarian handles the animal, personal evaluation, look at the reviews of the practitioner, search the websites or do an online search, consider the cost of the services, consider their training in the field of holistic approach, look at their experience, ask for their credentials, and your own personal aim for the holistic approach will also determine the choice.

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